DSM Girl Gang Workshop: Holiday Crown Making at Crane Artist Lofts

The Des Moines Girl Gang's very own flower crown queen, Megan Staker graciously put together and hosted an incredible holiday crown making event on December 3rd. 

The event took place in the Community Room at the Crane Artist Lofts, which was an absolutely perfect venue for about a dozen ladies to relax, eat and create!

Megan provided tons of interesting decorations, flowers, pine branches, and berries so each lady could make her crown as absolutely costume as she is. The format was relaxed and fantastic. She gave a basic introduction on how to make the base of the crown, hopped around to any girl needing assistance, yet still showing any latecomers what we'd already gone over. Once our bases were created, Megan showed everyone how to create mini "bouquets" and attach those individually to their crown. At this point everyone's creativity really started flowing as attendees began snipping berries and leaves and poinsettias at their own pace. Every level of creativity and skill was represented in our crown-makers, and amazingly, even with all the same materials, every girl's crown looked different and unique! Frustration is a natural part of crafting, and even when it presented itself during the event, Megan was ready and willing to pop over to give tips, or even help build whatever was bugging ya'!

We kept the party moving with some mimosas and wine, and as always, our ladies provided DELICIOUS holiday treats and foods to munch on while the Christmas music played. 

As the ladies finished their crowns, one of our gorgeous photographers, Alyssa Leicht graciously took stunning portraits of the girls in their creations. 

This was an absolute blast and we got amazing feedback and positivity from everyone - the format worked so great that we will absolutely be doing more of these crown-making workshops in the future! 

Words by Tia Rodemeyer
Photos by Alyssa Leicht and Lacie Navin