DSM Girl Gang Workshop: Girl Gang Patches

Words: Kat Hutchison
Photos: Meanz

There is no better feeling than looking around a room and seeing a group of diverse and curious women all stitching away on a hand embroidered patch and chatting. Getting to know one another while learning something new.

That was the scene set at the DSM Girl Gang’s Patch Workshop on December 10th at Gravitate, a co-working space. Taught by myself, Kat Hutchison, with the support of local hand-lettering genius Anna Frederick. I supplied the tools, tips and tricks and Anna set us up with some incredible design templates.

Everyone who joined us on the evening of the workshop walked away with the knowledge and skills to embark on their own embroidery journey … and a completed Girl Gang patch they handmade!

I left the workshop feeling so great. I met new women and got to reconnect with some I already knew. However, the biggest highlight from teaching the workshop came the following week. I received messages from two different women who attended the workshop. Their messages included images of embroidery projects they had started. And they were beautiful.


I truly believe that skills are to be shared. And I am thankful I am able to.