DSM Girl Gang: Cat Show with Tia Rodemeyer and Meanz Chan

On February 5, 2016 two of our co-founders and self-proclaimed cat ladies Tia Rodemeyer and Meanz Chan had their opening night for their Cat Show at Hill Vintage & Knits. The idea started as a joke (like all good ideas) and turned into something much more. The work showcases a look into the mind of cat lovers. Tia used crowd-sourced imagery from local cat lovers to create her work and also showcased a series of cat heart-eyed emojis. The images were collected on a public google drive folder. Meanz displayed a gridded series of "cats with their human" portraits. She made an open call on social media for cat lovers to get their portraits taken with their cats in their homes. Throughout the span of a couple weeks, she took 30 portraits and met 42 cats. The show is up at Hill Vintage and Knits through the end of February. Thank you all the participants and supporters for this dream of an art show!

Photos by Alex Crahan and a select few from Sarah Holmes