DSM Girl Gang Member Meet-Up: Embroidery

Last week a conversation thread started on the Girl Gang feed about a member’s interest in learning to hand-embroider for a project. Within a few hours several members had shared about their own interest in learning, or offered to use their experience to help teach. Out of that discussion a Meet-Up was scheduled for the following week- open to any GG ladies who wanted to work on projects together or dabble along with other newbies. 

This past Wednesday evening a group of 10 ladies who hadn’t previously been acquainted outside of the internet, sat down at the Crane Lofts and connected with each other over learning or assisting in projects. This is really the short version of the Embroidery Meet-Up story.

The underlying story is about how the DSM Girl Gang community can be utilized to foster real connections for anyone who chooses to show up. The online DSM Girl Gang feed is a resource for sharing and support and feedback. It’s been used to connect hundreds of women online and bring relationships out into real life. This was my first time hosting a Meet-Up and it was incredible to sit down for a couple hours in the middle of my week and have a space to meet ladies from Des Moines who I’d otherwise not have met. 

I had not spent more than a handful of hours learning to embroider before the meet-up. It’s one of those crafts I wanted to practice but ended up just hoarding supplies for and never picking up after the first attempt. I’m grateful to the women who decided to show up and give me a chance to practice both embroidery and making connections to real life people. It’s something I’ve found myself seeking more of- creating and community, so it felt great to find those together. 

I’m sure we’ll be setting future meet-ups that encompass any craft. Creating opportunities to show up and interact is one of the values the Girl Gang offers. Thanks again to those who joined in the Meet Up this last Wednesday! Looking forward to meeting more Gangsters in the future.

Words: Shylah
Photos: Meanz