DSM Girl Gang Workshop: Watercolor

On April 22, the Girl Gang welcomed in the spring at a botanical watercolor workshop led by Claire Sedovic at Gravitate. Participants learned the ins and outs of this fluid medium using both brushes and palettes as well as watercolor pencils to add finishing touches. 

With a wide range of experience represented among participants, we started with basic brush techniques to help build a comfort level with the materials. From basic brush strokes, we progressed to practicing the shapes of leaves and flowers that could make up our compositions. And soon eager to begin work on their final piece, each participant first sketched her illustration lightly in pencil, taking inspiration from a centerpiece spilling over with flowering branches and buds collected from outside as well as photos of artful flower arrangements in magazines.

Everyone left the workshop with an illustration that could be digitized and used as a logo or art on printed cards, or simply as a framed art piece for her home gallery.

Words by Claire Sedovic
Photos by Janelle Ketcher and Meanz Chan