DSM Girl Gang Workshop: Screenprinting with The Side Garage

On Saturday, May 27th, we had 5 women from the DSM Girl Gang choose to spend their Saturday with us instead of the usual Memorial Day Weekend festivities. We jam-packed our session with a brief presentation on design and file-prep for screen printing, walked through the life-cycle process of a screen and then tackled both water-based and plastisol printing. 

The opportunity to learn a new practice and use your hands is an experience we as a society should engage in more often. At The Side Garage, we're pretty pumped to be able to offer something like that to our community. And beyond the actual sharing and learning experience, we feel the best part about our session with the Des Moines Girl Gang group is that each individual came with a different creative background and reason for attending the workshop. That type of diversity is what makes our creative community thrive. 

So we're thankful for the opportunity, the willingness to try something new and can't wait to offer something like this again in the future!

- TSG Crew (Ashleigh, Elena, Pete & Thulee)

Photos by Meanz Chan