DSM Girl Gang Workshop: Holiday Watercolor & Calligraphy Workshop

One of the more magical things that has stemmed from our Girl Gang community is a platform for artists/makers who feel inspired to teach their craft and share it with others.  Claire and Tome are both talented instructors and artists.  They collaborated with the Girl Gang to offer a special Holiday Watercolor and Calligraphy workshop. 

Typically as one of the facilitators for events like this, I find myself observing or participating on the sidelines - but it was completely impossible to resist the gorgeous table spaces that our workshop hosts had prepared. I jumped in among 20 other ladies and was promptly following Claire’s sweet instructions for wreaths and festive decorations I could practice for my final holiday card. I loved that she had us working with a type of liquid watercolor that I’d never experimented with before. While I was focusing on my new green pine garland technique and playing with the gold glitter paint, I listened to the other women around the room as they talked and laughed together over the work. There was a mix of all experience levels at the workshop - and Claire was so encouraging as she taught us different approaches and techniques to try out. 

Tome began her calligraphy segment of the workshop with a short introduction to our new materials. I had a moment of instant connection with a couple girls around me when we were told that our nibs had a special thin protective coating on them - and to remove it, the easiest thing to do was to pop it in your mouth for a second. After the apprehensive nib prepping we were back to laughing and following along as Tome shared the basics of how to create beautiful shapes with our lettering. Without question, this workshop inspired me to practice more calligraphy. I ended up using my take home materials to write out several more holiday notes and am excited for the possibility of more events with each Claire and Tome. 

Thank you again, ladies - for creating this opportunity for us to learn from each of you (+ meet new friends + create something lovely + duh, hot chocolate bar)

And thank you so so much to the gangsters who participated and showed up despite the snowy day. It’s beyond encouraging to be in the presence of women who care about creating and learning together.

Images: Meanz + Janelle 
Words: Shylah