Want to make work alongside another GG member for our next show? We are THRILLED to be hosting "Female Gaze"- our second annual group show that will feature 50 members partnered up to collaborate and make work. Please read below for more details. If you are interested, please follow the link for additional information and complete the form. 

Requirements: You must be a female (or identify as a female) artist, living and working in Iowa, or you must have some ties to Iowa.

Overview: Submissions will be limited to the first 50 members thus creating 25 works in total. Submissions will close on Friday, August 26th and collaborative partners will be contacted byWednesday, August 31st. We will also host a conversation that evening, August 31st, to discuss collaborative approaches and the topic. This will be a great time for you to meet your partner!

How it works: Fill out this form, core members will randomly pair you with another Girl Gang member and then you will create a collaborative work with your partner to be shown in October. The form questions are meant to help start a conversation between you and your partner so please fill it out thoroughly! Please only serious applicants! We want to ensure everyone has a good experience and that means commitment to finalizing a collaboration.

Female Gaze: We welcome collaborating participants to use the idea of "Female Gaze" to create works. The DSM Girl Gang chose this as the show title to celebrate creativity from the lens of anyone who identifies as female in our community. The "Female Gaze" also seeks to confront the "Male Gaze" frequently found in art history. To learn more about both of these topics, please utilize the links found in the form.

Sign Up here: https://goo.gl/forms/rakWwBdVoxZxAeAo1